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Municipality of Otter Lake: Strategic Plan


  • Businesses and people thrive in the prosperous town and surrounding area.
  • The tourism industry supports jobs and job growth.
  • Otter lake cultural and recreational activities make it a destination.
  • It is a community where people of all ages and backgrounds have many opportunities, are proud of their town, feel safe, have fun, remain to raise their families and retire.  


  • Many outdoor opportunities – eg. hunting, fishing, road / off road trails, hiking, camping.
  • Bilingual people make Otter Lake appealing to tourists from other provinces and countries.
  • Many activities for all ages with Otter Lake RA (social events, rink, playground) and a very active Golden Age club (cards, darts, exercise, social events).
  • Broad range of businesses that support the community. See the municipal internet for a complete list
  • Otter Lake is located on highways (route 301 / route 303) & Chemin Picanoc with high traffic visibility.
  • Many lakes and rivers in the area for boating, camping, building houses and general tourism.


  • Lack of job opportunities for young people resulting in them leaving the town and a remaining aging and declining population.
  • The aging population leave Otter Lake for retirement homes in other towns.
  • Limited lodging and food services in Town, which are essential to attracting tourists.
  • A large portion of the business comes from seasonal visitors which makes it difficult to sustain local businesses during off-season periods.
  • Slow or no internet coverage in areas surrounding Otter Lake makes attracting new businesses and younger people to the area challenging.


  • Support seniors remaining in the area where they grew up through a retirement residence.
  • Take advantage of free services provided by the Réseau BIBLIO de l’Outaouais through a larger library.
  • Attract tourists through collaboration with MRC, ATP (Association Tourism Pontiac) and ZEC Pontiac.
  • Attract tourists through a local tourist information and interpretive centre that exploits our heritage & local culture (eg. timber trade, trapping)
  • Create a farmers / crafters market place where locals can sell goods & services.
  • Exploit local resources to create jobs eg. Leslie Park has significant unused land.  
  • Improve the internet so new businesses and younger people are attracted to the area and can work remotely.


  • A declining population making it difficult to sustain local businesses and resulting in tax increases for the remaining residents in order to support the same level of service.
  • Lack of interest by the community in planning for the future of Otter Lake.
  • Community not in agreement on priorities.
  • Lack of government and municipal support (eg. grants, funding) for new development.


telephone: 819-453-7049
fax: 819-453-7311


15 Palmer Street
Otter Lake (Québec) J0X 2P0