Municipality of Otter Lake

Fire Prevention

Verify your smoke alarms

The smoke alarm is the best way to save your life and that of your family. Install at least one smoke detector on each floor including the basement. Check their proper operation, whether they are battery or electric. Periodically replace the batteries or use long life Lithium batteries.

Replace smoke alarms as recommended by the manufacturer, usually every 10 years.

  • Be cautious with flammable liquids and fuels.
  • Each home can harbor potentially harmful household products such as; alcohol, paint, pesticides, gasoline, heating oil, etc.
  • Never smoke when handling flammable or combustible liquids.
  • Never use flammable liquids such as gasoline to light a barbecue or fireplace.
  • Always store flammable and combustible liquids in their original containers away from sources of ignition and out of reach of children.

Prevent kitchen fires

Kitchen has its danger (burns, fires) Never heat oil in a pot for frying. Use a thermostatically controlled deep fryer. For cooking, use a pot with a diameter greater than or equal to the heating on the stove and always keep a lid handy. Keep children and pets away when cooking appliances are on.
Never leave a stove unattended.

Beware of chimney fires

Cleaning your chimney at a minimum once (1) per year can prevent chimney fires. Cleaning brushes are available at the Municipal Hall during regular office hours.

Do you have an escape plan?

In case of fire it is highly recommended that every home have an escape plan. To ensure safety, each individual living in the household should know the escape plan.


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