Municipality of Otter Lake

Emergency Services

Otter Lake Fire Department

“These are your lifelines”

The Otter Lake Fire Department dates back before the 1950’s.

The first fire chief on record was Melvin Hahn, followed by Charles Beriau, who then turned it over to Rodney Vadneau in 1972.

Today we are proud to have on our team twenty-two firefighters, of which three are women, and fourteen first responders.

We had various hand me down fire trucks in the past, in particular a 1939 Buffalo fire wagon open cab for twenty-two years. We now have a 2008 tanker pumper. It is an International 425 hp. diesel engine with a 1050 gpm pump.


Chief Rodney Vadneau
Deputy Chief Brian Presley
Administration-Assistant chief Ronnie Vadneau
Captain Guy Lafleur
1st Lieutenant Lee Vadneau
2nd Lieutenant Louis Lafleur

Firefighters/ First Responders:

Denis Chausse Guy Gravelle Nicole Gravelle
Marc Ladouceur Jean-Paul Lafleur Louis Lafleur
Terry Lafleur Russell Lance Gilly Lavigne
Cody Presley Cory Presley Brian Sparling
Albert St-Aubin George St-Pierre Randy Richard
Sonya Rivingto  Natasha St-Aubin  Melanie Dumouchel
Miranda Kluke Caroline Gagne  

Note: Show your civic numbers and call 911 should any emergency occur.


Phone: 819-453-7049
Fax. 819-453-7311




15 Palmer Street
Otter Lake (Québec)
J0X 2P0