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Municipality of Otter Lake: Action Plan

1) Sports Culture Leisure

Objectives / Outcome


Partner with community organizations

Outcome: Optimization of resources and infrastructure increase in municipal jobs

A) Continue support of the Otter Lake R.A. Committee
B) Continue support of the Leslie Park Committee (Lifeguarding Opportunities)
C) Form an agreement with the Municipality and CSHBO for access to the Ste. Marie School Gym

Diversification of Leisure Activities

Outcome: Leisure activities available to residents of all ages

D) Children’s Programs (ice time)
E) Family Programs (infant to elder)

Sports Equipment

Outcome: Children equipped for activities

F) Equip children and teenagers for their leisure and sports activities


Outcome: Increase library use and respond to requested needs

G) Install children’s reading area and changing table at the library
H) Have reading activities, story-telling time
I) Computers with internet access and courses for seniors
J) Offer programs specifically for seniors
K) Purchase equipment for performing arts (Rideau)

2) Public Security

Objectives / Outcomes


Community Services

Outcome: Increased safety for residents

A) Continue supporting the Neighbourhood Watch Program

Maintain Autonomy

Outcome: Allow seniors to age at home, prevent abuse

B) Promote Senior’s Abuse Awareness Programs, Fraud Prevention Programs

Security and First Aid

Outcome: Accident Prevention

C) Continue to maintain First Aid Kits and Defibrillator for the R.A. Hall
D) Arrange CPR and Defibrillator refresher courses for active Volunteers

Prepare Relief Programs

Outcome: Prevention and teenager community involvement

E) Install a cadet program for 14-17 yrs. old

3) Urbanism, Development, Infrastructure

Objectives / Outcomes


Park Development

Outcome: Increased safety at locations, Increases physical activity

A) Add an enclosure at the R.A. Centre
B) Add games for all ages
C) Add benches, accessories for adults

Upgrade the municipal hall

Outcome: Respond to the needs of infants and seniors

D) Add a change table
E) Add an access ramp

Upgrade signage

Outcome: Identification for seniors and new residents

F) Add signs indicating infrastructures (ex. Library, Municipal Hall, Parks)

Add solar street lights

Outcome: Increases security and promotes green living

G) Identify the number and locations. Plan the work.

4) Urbanism, Development, Infrastructure (cont’d)

Objectives / Outcomes


Beautification of the Town

Outcome: Involves the citizens of the community, better use of municipal spaces

A) Landscape development competition by age: Child/Adult/Senior
B) Add benches for seniors
C) Add garbage cans

Add handicap parking spaces

Outcome: Responds to the needs of the  community

D) Municipal Hall, School, RA Centre

Develop a pedestrian path (seniors)

Outcome: Promotes healthy living

E) Create a pathway joining the seniors’ residence to the church

Promote Programs

Outcome: Increases safety and security of the residents

F) Promote Reno-Village (Residences adapted for independent seniors) (website)
G) Make home visits in conjunction with the prevention visits made by volunteer firefighters

Increase senior residences

Outcome: Increases available residency’s for seniors in the municipal territory. Allows seniors to age at home

H) Support the NPO Senior Residences project

Quality and Safety of Residences

Outcome: Ensures home safety (smoke detectors)

I) Establish a Home Visit program for the volunteer fire department

5) Transportation

Objectives / Outcomes


Pedestrian walkway street lines

Outcome: Increases pedestrian safety

A) Identify pedestrian walkways and seniors routes

6) Municipal Organization

Objectives / Outcomes


Support Family Policy Committee

Outcome: Leadership and coordination of family and senior actions in the municipal territory

A) Elaborate the new mandates
B) Meet 2-3 times per year
C) Training: participate in the annual CAMF “colloque”
D) Meet with MRC RQF Coordinator

Welcome new families

Outcome: Information on activities and services of the municipality for families

E) Information pamphlet

Senior Recognition

Outcome: Give a sense of belonging

F) Certificates or letters to acknowledge significant birthdays (75 and each following 5 years)

Family Support

Outcome: Give a sense of sympathy

G) Donate to a cause on the death of a citizen

Respite care

Outcome: Respond to expressed needs. Allows seniors to live at home as long as possible

H) Study the possibility of respite caregivers for seniors


Outcome: Respond to expressed needs. Helps families during school hours and after school

I) Study the possibility of a baby-sitting service / municipal day care



telephone: 819-453-7049
fax: 819-453-7311


15 Palmer Street
Otter Lake (Québec) J0X 2P0